Locally Owned

Stop by and meet Shannon.

My name is Shannon McGregor, and I am the chef and owner of Shannon’s Kitchen Cafe & Bistro, located at 338 Park St, Unit 2, Victoria Harbour, in the Township of Tay.

I was born and raised in Canada. I moved some 20 years ago to Europe and furthered my passion for food and cooking. I found it in Ireland, where I trained at Galway Mayo Institute of Technology and am a licensed chef under their professional cookery and culinary arts program. I have twenty+ years of experience as a professional chef. I’ve worked for private establishments, catered gourmet parties, and worked on cruise lines and convention centers in various parts of the world.

With many years of family ties in Midland and the Georgian Bay area, I look forward to making my home and now roots in Victoria Harbour. I am proud to be joining and contributing to this growing community.

Please feel free to bring your healthy appetites in for a gourmet meal or enjoy a lounge by the fire with coffee and pastry

All welcome!